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Producing digital stories that illustrate, illuminate and inspire.

GeoCore Films is a creative company that produces digital stories through video and photography.  We work from concept to deliverable on all of our projects to ensure that every work reflects the spirit and passion of our clients.  We simply love to tell stories because we value what really matters.


We believe that everyone has a beautiful story to tell. Talk to us, collaborate and share with us. Let the world know your story.

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In this 21st century, we are evolving into a video culture – a digital era where we have access to an amazing array of camera options including our smartphones. However, the rules of photography and video still remain true.


Social media is the digital evolution of word of mouth advertising. YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest and a host of other social media avenues provide you with an opportunity to share, announce, and market your story and brand globally. Our custom social media photography and video workshops focuses on using equipment that you already own including your smartphone, ipod or ipad and using that equipment to produce appropriate content within a social media context.


Our custom workshops are designed to be hands-on. Instructors provide feedback on photos and videos and suggest ways to improve your story and/or branding strategy. We explain basic rules of photography, tips and expect our participants to shoot with the cameras they bring.


Our videography portion expands on the general rules for image composition. We demonstrate video camera movement and we discuss the importance of content, the order in which to present the content and choosing the right composition to best deliver the message you are wanting to convey.


Basic Workshop Outline:

• Brief Social media overview:

• Focus and Keep it Simple - Basic framing rand lighting rules, camera techniques

• Planning a video - Shooting a short video.


By the end of the workshop, you will be well on your way to shooting your own videos and critiquing your own work. Participants will able to review their own work, realize better ways to improve it, explain why it meets or fails expectations and then, try again to execute a better image.



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